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93x-How much do you know 93x

How much do you know 93x

Factor 12x^2+ 93x -24??completely?

12x^2+ 93x -24 ............ ax^2+bx+c solve for delta = b^2-4ac = 93^2 -4*12*(-24)= 9801...1/4=0.25 x2= [-b - sqrt of delta]/2a = (-93-99)/(2*12)= -192/24=-8 so 12x^2+ 93x -24=(x-0.25)(x+8)

G(x)=5-tan( 93x )/6?

G(x) = y = 5- tan( 93x )/6 we need to evaluate x in terms of y y - 5 = tan ( 93x )/6 or tan ( 93x ...

Find the slope, if it exist. y=-2. 93x ?

y = -2. 93x Since the above line-y=-2. 93x is expressed in the standard straight line form of y=mx+b where m is the slope, so the slope in this case is m=-2.93.

Solve for x: 272x+4= 93x +6?

272x + 4 = 93x + 6 Subtract 93x from both sides 179x + 4 = 6 Subtract 4 from both sides 179x = 2 x = 2/179, it's none of the above.

Find all the rational zeros of the polynomial?

Let p(x) = 3x^3 - 93x + 90 Possible rational zeros: {all factors of the constant...

factorise 10x^5-57x^4-74x^3- 93x ^2-188x+42?

(x^2+2)(5x-1)(2x+3)(x-7) Note that 10x^5-57x^4-74x^3- 93x ^2-188x+42 = (10x^5-70x^4) + (13x^4-91x^3) +(17x^3-119x^2) + (26x^2-182x) +(-6x+42...

93x (radio station)....................................

... It s played on 93x at least a few times a day, I hear it all the time.. they edit it for...

Old 93X 1991-1994 in Minnesota.?

..., Minnesota flips to hard rock as KRXX (" 93X " ... - Cached. * Have a...

What two bands were in the 93x Cage match and nine contest tonight? (feb. 21)?

idk check the 93x website I bet it will tell you there

Whats the song on 93x that goes. I'm bad.. Theres a little bit of me in everyone of you. and who sings it?

If you can remember about when you heard it, check their playlist on their website....http://www. 93x .com/

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