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ncis+imdb-Do you like ncis+imdb

Do you like ncis+imdb

just curious, if ncis is america's favorite show, why it only has a 7.8 on imdb ?

You also have to consider that online ratings don't always give the same results as the Nielsen ratings. In other words, they often don't truly reflect how many people like the show. Those who rate online tend to be young compared to the general...

ncis episodes helpp???????

i think you remixing ncis w/ bones... if not, try imdb and use the 'all episode' link to read the title/explanaiton...

What's the name of the black haired lawyer in ncis season 7?

Do you mean M. Allison Hart (Rena Sofer)? http://www. imdb .com/name/nm0812133/ http:// ncis

has anyone on ncis ever been on ellen? want to know about a specific person's movie or tv appearances, go to imDb .com. Just type the actor's name into the searchbar and hit 'enter.'...

Whats this song? (from ncis )?

i'm not sure of the song but if you work out the episode you were watching and then on websites such as imdb they have the soundtracks and music played in the episode. hope this was some help x

What did Cote De Pablo do before Ncis ?

Here is the record of her career as posted in the Internet Movie Database: http://www. imdb .com/name/nm1580243/?ref_=fn_nm_nm_1

abbé on ncis ?

Pauley Perette http:// imdb .com/name/nm0005306/

was there ever a guest star from ncis los angeles ever a star on 24?

why not do a search over on the Internet Movie Database? http:// imdb .com

what is the name of the ncis episode from this video? ( link)?

It's from "Identity Crisis", Season 5, Episode 4. http://www. imdb .com/title/tt1093686/

i am obsessed with ncis and i drive the people around me crazy!?

normal. :) but if you wish to discuss it with people who understand and know what you are going through try these two places: http://www. imdb .com/title/tt0364845/board have fun!!!!

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