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elisabetta+canalis-What are the most popular elisabetta+canalis

What are the most popular elisabetta+canalis

elisabetta canalis ?

We never heard about her.

What shape face does Elisabetta Canalis have?

Angular oval.

Elisabetta Canalis vs. Elisha Cuthbert?

elisha no homo

Do you like elisabetta canalis ...?

I don't know anything about her except her being Clooney's ex-girlfriend, so there's really nothing to like or dislike.

what elisabetta canalis ?

She looks okay.

what do you think about Elisabetta Canalis ?

i think I'm glad George dumped her so he can be mine. I also think she is very pretty but that she was trying to get married and that's why they didn't work out so yeah.

Hi...what do you think of Elisabetta Canalis ?

Her surname makes me giggle.

Why do people respect or like Elisabetta Canalis !?

because she is a beautiful girl...but really i don't like..she can't do anything in tv

Does Italy love Elisabetta Canalis , George Clooney's girlfriend?


How about George Clooney's girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis ?

She is very pretty and I think they look great together..

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