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97.1+the+ticket-What are the most popular 97.1+the+ticket

What are the most popular 97.1+the+ticket

what happened to 97 . 1 the ticket today, no local personalities?

Sorry I don't have an answer. but may I have a cookie for being the only answerer? I prefer oreos. :D

Breaking News? I just heard on 97 . 1 The Ticket that Sean Payton wants Russ Grimm to interm HC for him ?

so what did you do to piss off "Susie"? Because apparently, I did the same thing.

Would you trade Cabrera & Willis to Detroit for Tigers top 2 prospects Andrew Miller & Cameron Maybin?

answerer #10 ryan sounds as dumb as hell that if the Tigers do this trade, they should get a new GM... ballpark maybe Willis would finally be able to finish the season stronger than he usually does, and will have...

Did anyone hear the girl on 97 . 1 the Ticket ranting about Inge?

Are you serious? I missed it.

What song were they playing this late afternoon and early evening on 97 . 1 the ticket .?

call the station

why is my detroit sports talk radio talking about frosberg?

*Fros*berg is a free agent coming to the Pistons!

B.F.D. Tickets 97 . 1 ?

That's right, just keep feeding the Clearchannel machine........

How often does the radio station 97 . 1 or 102.7 do contest for tickets and premires and stuff?

It depends on what city you're in.

What Radio Stations Play The Tigers Game?!?!?

FM 97 . 1 The Ticket Or their AM affiliate 1270 AM You can also listen online at

Hot 97 . 1 Summerjam 2010?

i just had hot 97 . 1 on and they were giving away tickets . it's gonna be in the new meadowland stadium. not sure of the date or when tickets r gonna be on sale.

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