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katie+holmes+poster-What are personalkatie+holmes+poster

What are personalkatie+holmes+poster

Is it ok to ask my friend Janie for this?

just dont tell her what its for. get the poster with tom cruise on it so you can have 2 girls to choke to. jk tom!

Do you think this is poor posture?

not good for your back, that's for sure

Do you think this is poor posture? Do you ever sit like that? Is she pretty sitting like that? Am I crazy?

Sitting like that is NOT sexy.. if I saw someone sitting like that and staring at me I'd assume they're mentally challenged.

when and where did tom cruise and katie holmes meet?

...quot;There ia a girl from Toledo, Ohio... that had posters of you on her walls.. she just ended a 5 year relationship with...

Katie Holmes had a affair with some asian dude?

... older. But I have to disagree with some of the other posters . I think the baby is beautiful regardless of its parentage.

Why is the Katie Holmes /Tom Cruise divorce such a big deal?

... out of nowhere. They were sort of the poster couple for a seemingly perfect marriage. They always ... so organized and planned by Katie , pure genius. I think that every individual out there who...

It seems to me that Katie Holmes is possessed by her husband.?

...marriage will last. As a child, she used to have Tom Cruise posters on the walls in her bedroom and told people she wanted...

What do you think about this?

Photographers love to put women in ridiculous poses. I don't know why.

Interesting: How did white people get their African features?

I got the point you're trying to make. Thats why stupid people say "a or b" has white features. How can that be when evolutionary origins begin in africa. Its the other way around.

What are some good pictures for the following actors/actresses?

... posters / katie - holmes .jpg You can only add 10 links so here are the first...

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