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jay+z+book-What are types of jay+z+book

What are types of jay+z+book

What is this new Jay - Z book ?

From what I've heard it's more of a coffee table book . It has a lot of art and some stories of his childhood as well as lyrics and the stories behind those songs.

RHH: Questions about Jay Z ?

Word on the street, Jay - Z got Biggie's rhyme book from Diddy, but I think... and backed Jay - Z up before Jay had a...

The way i am vs decoded?

the way i am

What Does Jay - z & President Obama Have In Common?

They both can't rap. Edit:@QB's Finest Jay - Z wouldn't even have a career without Big Daddy Kane.

Did Jay Z take a page from Beyonce's book .....?

... perfectly legitimate. On that song 'Lost One' on Jay 's new Album he says (about Dame) 'you said you...

Is The Jay - Z Decoded Book Worth Buying(Or Even Reading)?

If you're a hardcore Jay - Z fan, then why not

{Day 10} BHM Appreciation Thread: Should the likes of Pac, Jay - z , Big be added to the Black History books ?

... an art school man these guys are still living as far as jay - z hes got to be one of the wealthiest black men of...

Can you help me with a project on Jay - Z ?

...'s always really helpful for me. Jay - Z Pictures: jay %20z...

Which hip hop artist would you like to see release a lyric book similar to Jay - Z 's "decoded"?

Oh yay, I have this book . Love it. I suppose the one person who'd I'd love to...

I finished the Jay Z book and its a good read?

Yeah I bought Decoded a few days ago, just started up on it so I haven't gotten to that part yet. I've been kinda curious about his religious views. From what I understand he believes in a...

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