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kate+gosselin+i+just+want+you+to+know-Do you like kate+gosselin+i+just+want+you+to+know

Do you like kate+gosselin+i+just+want+you+to+know

Have you read Kate Gosselin 's new book " I Just Want You to Know "?

...creepy and disgusting, a less-than-stellar parent, and personally grating. I would do nothing to put money in her pocket and could not care less what she has to say.

Whats a good true story or biography?

...39;t do it for you , nothing will ( you can read it on the Amazon link below). I 've also supplied you a link to her Harper Collins website where you can see the author describe...

Who loves Kate Gosselin from Jon & Kate Plus 8?

I just stumbled upon your question and I 'm glad to see there are others that love Kate ! She is an... period. I know she can be insulting...

Are you going to watch Kate Gosselin 's new show "Twist of Kate "?

Why on EARTH would I want to watch MORE of Kate Gosselin ? Sheesh I 've heard enough of them in the ...

Why Does Kate Gosselin Exploit Her Kids?

...meal ticket and she will continue to exploit them for as long as she possibly can. I mean, would you want to watch a show just about Kate Gosselin ? Ick. No. Sadly, since she is their mother people...

whats your favorite pregnancy book?

I just want you to know - Kate Gosselin . you can visit the Barnes & Nobles website to preview it, and to read...

What's your opinion on Kate Gosselin ?

Do you know what I do for you ? I cut... out to me a... only want my ..., Kate Gosselin Rectal... just leave...

Which side are you on jon or kates ?

im on kate side she is suffering becuz of jon

Can anyone tell the Gosselin ?

If you 're referring to telling the kids apart. Yes, I can. I 've been watching that show ever since it first...

I want multiples!!! Please do not judge me for this. Help?

I ovulate just fine and my Doctor is ...33, I 'd kind of like to get the show on the road - you know ? He told me ... pregnant, you might want to talk to your Dr...

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