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Do you like kelley+blue+book+2006

If I trade my minivan in to a dealer, will I receive around the same amount of money as it's worth on the Kelley blue book website?

Not likely. The problems with Kelley Blue Book and NADA Guides is that they can't actually take into account...

is this a good deal? 2006 Ford Fusion, mileage 67,000. Price $7000?

Yes, Kelley Blue Book has a 2006 Fusion in excellent condition retailing for $9,337.It ...

i have a 2006 mitsubishi galant de and i just looked up the kelley blue book price?

if the dealership does give you 10 they will make sure they get the difference up on the car you are buying, watch out for dealers they will rip you off with a smile on their lying faces, your best bet is to go thru the hassle of selling it...

Dealer is not giving me Kelley Blue Book value!!?

Suck it up and forget about the Magnum. Don't deal with a dealer who won't deal. Another car will come along sooner or later. Be patient, Grasshopper.

Blue Book value of VIN#WBAVB13546KX33322?

...that information into and you can find what you're looking for. ( Kelley Blue Book ) and are 2 resources to do that. They will ask...

What's the blue book /nada value of a 2006 or 2002 Ford E350 shuttle van, and what's its gas mileage?

try they can either come with diesel or gas depends how the company ordered it. neither get great mileage gas about 8-9 mpg diesel a little better but not much. might have the mpg ratings. you could also try e-bay and see what others are...

Trading down my vehicle?

Your car is worth less than Kelley Blue Book which bases its prices off the average price of the final sale...

2006 Ford Mustang GT?

I'd check Kelley Blue book to get an idea on pricing. They have a website which you can check...

About how much would a 2008 Hummer H3 cost in 2010?

Kelley Blue Book on a 2006 H3 is between 14k and 17k. This is... you want to save more I d consider getting a 2006 or 2007 model rather then a 2008.

Value of a car in 2006 ?

You will want to google the 2006 Kelley Blue Book and find the used car value there. You may want to check out dadsdivorce...

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