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jay+z+blueprint-Do you like jay+z+blueprint

Do you like jay+z+blueprint

Do you like Jay - zs Blueprint 3 ?

..., real Hip Hop at its finest will like Jay - Z . If you are a Radio Head, you will not like this album...

Who's album is better, Jay - Z 's BluePrint 3 or Eminem's Relapse?

...'s "Relapse". But I have respect for Jay - Z as well. His "The Blueprint " is one of the best hip-hop albums of all-time and he...

Do you think Jay - Z " Blueprint 3" will do better Lil Wayne "The Carter 3"?

Jay - z 's blueprint 3 will definitely be better than wayne's. jigga does classics and ...album. if you are talking about album of the year it has to be blueprint 3 because of its originality plus its real hip-pop with collabs...

Question about Jay - Z 's " Blueprint 3" Tour?

... That Girl Jay - Z feat. Mr. Hudson- Forever Young

the blueprint 3 by jay - z ?

... for number 1 album. According to jay - z /the- blueprint -3/1280278, the album is currently the #1 R&B hip/hop album and #1...

Rank Jay - Z 's Blueprint Albums From Best to Worst?

...39;s a very good album still 3. The Blueprint 3 - good production, but nothing particularly memorable... and relatively weak rapping by Jay , he often gets outshone... there...

Blueprint 3 Jay - Z !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

... nah the leaked tracks have been kinda quiet with jay - z that last one was "Brooklyn we go hard" i think...

Dp you think that Jay Z 's " Blueprint 3" is a comeback album ?

Jay z is one of my favorite rappers so when i heard the blueprint 3 was coming out i went crazyyy like you can't imagine...

Jay - Z and the Blueprint 3?

...probably around 2002/2003, so that won't be on there. Jockin' Jay - z is an official single, it just doesn't get much radio play. While the...

The Blueprint 3 ( Jay - z ) or Paper Trail (T.I.)?

...s The Blueprint 3, the third and final (?) album in the “ Blueprint :” series. Though it sounds like bragging when Jay - Z rails against one of the music business’ most over-used and abused...

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JAY-Z - The Blueprint Classic Album Preview
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