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Do you like galaxy+note

Is the Samsung galaxy note 10.1 good?

Galaxy Note 10.1 is the best option when choosing... pretty Genuine that whether, if you want the Galaxy Note 10.1 2012 model or the Galaxy Note 10.1...

Questions about the Samsung Galaxy Note ?

...there! I just bought the Galaxy Note yesterday on a plan and its brilliant...text! If it was just for the Galaxy Note , then i would of got the same deal...

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 vs. iPhone 5?

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 because (Sorry if this is long but it'... way to expand your memory and you can have a 16 gb note 2 and still have more storage than iphone 5 if you get a 64gb microsd...

Should i get the ipad 3 or galaxy note 10.1 (Which one do think is better)?

Galaxy Note is good for reasons like: -- microSD... port: The USB port on Galaxy Note allows you to connect it to whichever device you want...

ps vita vs galaxy note 8.0?

Galaxy Note 8.0 is a tablet which would provide you with the most...think that you like the variety of stuff from time to time then Galaxy Note . IMO Galaxy Note . I suggest...

what is difference between Samsung galaxy Note sII and Samsung Galaxy S3 ?

Samsung Galaxy Note Samsung Galaxy Note ...device is only 0.38” thick. Samsung Galaxy Note weighs 178 g. One of the most ...

galaxy note 2 vs top rated tablets?

The Galaxy Note 2, is by far the most advanced smartphone currently... while it has less ppi than the original Note and it's 720p vs. 800p for the original Note ...

Galaxy note 8.0 - and + point?

Galaxy Note 8 is nice tablet overall. It has.... It is more likely the twin to this Galaxy Note 8. Other than the quad core processor and difference in...

IPhone 5 or Galaxy Note 2 ?

galaxy note 2. i have both. galaxy note 2 has a bigger screen faster processor...and found myself dissapointed. samsung did i really great job with the note 2. i gave my iphone 5 to my mother in law. she loves...

Iphone 4 vs Galaxy Note ?

Galaxy Note has many reason to be better then iphon 4 : Higher theoretical...

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